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Idol Biography for Ai Kurosawa

Ai Kurosawa
  • Name: Ai Kurosawa
  • Japanese Name:
  • Birthday: 1982-12-24
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 167cm
  • Body measurements: Bust: 90cm Waist: 60cm Hips 87cm
  • Cup size: 90cm
  • Home town: Shiga
  • Hobby: Collecting Helly Kitty Merchandise
  • About: Ai is a hot Asian doll who enjoys the richer things in life. Her Uncle runs the hotel and she was sent here to learn the businesses so she can take over when he retires. Right now she ies much too interested in partying to want to learn much though. She spends her time in the club, supposedly learning how the club operates and hot the girls organize their acts on the nights we have open stage night. So far she has come up with some hot ideas that the girls are considering to add to their acts. Feathers and flowers for one, to dress up the stage some , maybe a bubble machine too in center stage. I like her ideas though they are definitely different. I think in a few years when she settles down a bit and isn´t into chasing guys she might pay more attention to the business end of things. But until then, she is much too flighty to try to make a career out of managing a hotel. Right now she is a wild beauty who needs some action and attention for her hot ideas. But she is an engaging beauty with talents yet to discover!
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