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Iori is a cute schoolgirl who has a naughty side too. She is a college student who likes to wear her school uniform out when she is partying. Most of the bouncers give her a hard time and make her show her proof of age because she looks like a kid in her school clothes! Once you see her shake her perfect ass you will know she isn´t a kid! Sometimes she will waitress for us too and she is very entertaining when she is working. She likes to do a small dance when she is delivering her orders just to make the guys pay attention. Of course their dates aren´t too happy about this and it has caused a few fights in the past. Seems that the guys´ dates aren´t happy when someone else is taking their attention. But she gets such nice tips when she works that we all just let it go. Hey- free entertainment! I should put in a jello wrestling night and have them all come in to wrestle her! She is all for it, but it would be a fortune in laundry bills. I have a new set of her photos up and they are very sexy.

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