Shiori Tsukimi Asian doll in lingerie gets a hard fucking
Shiori Tsukimi Asian doll in lingerie gets a hard fucking


Shiori is a lovely Asian model who works in the lingerie shop. She gets o take a lot of her new clothes home to show off to her boyfriend, and get an opinion for the store she works in. She is good at showing off the smallest items and making them look good. She is sexy and enjoys her job and the attention she gets at home! They go out once in a while to the clubs and she shows off there as well . She gets plenty of nterest for her shop and the sales are great!

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Yuria Satomi Asian chick is naughty office girl

Yuria Satomi

Yuria Satomi is a hot Asian MILF in her office suit. She is in the break room with a co worker and he is interested in her sexy pantyhose and her pussy. She is making out with him and doing some hand work on his cock when he gets to her w..

Round tit and horny babe Yuria Satomi making out and hardcore fucked

Yuria Satomi

Round tit and horny babe Yuria Satomi making out and hardcore fucked. She tease and makes out with her hung lover and strips down on her sexy dress. She get her boobies squuezed and wet pussy licked. She humps on his cock, grinds on it ti..

Yuri Matsushima Asian babe gets a hot fucking

Yuri Matsushima is a hot Asian MILF with a busty form she likes having her boyfriend lick when she is lactating. They are in the bedroom and she is in her sexy lingerie while participating in some foot licking through her ripped pantyho..

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Japanese AV Model Enjoys Her Big Toys Natsumi Fukuyama

This lovely Japanese model likes dressing like a school girl when she is out on dates. She is quite popular for this reason. She is a cute gal and she is a college girl and uses the dating service to make some extra party money. She has gained popularity too through her dating site that she has web cams set up so they guys can see what theyre getting. She is the most popular choice of course!

Japanese AV Model  Is Getting Her Hot Body Covered In Cum Natsumi Fukuyama

Beautiful Japanese model is getting a huge load of cum dumped on her hot tits! She used to be a regular here in the hotel as a lingerie model. She would come down to model the sexiest things the store had. With her big tits she got plenty of attention! Now she is into the gooey side of web sex and is gaining in popularity. We see her a lot in the x rated sex shows on the private channel too.

Japanese AV Model Gets Her Titties Tickled With A Big Vibrator Natsumi Fukuyama

Lovely and hot, this Japanese babe is into her work! She has a nice set of tits that she likes having tickled with a vibrator before a good fuck. She has come a long way from the flower girl on the corner, that is what she was doing to supplement her modeling career while still in school. She had gone in for business classes and wound up in her own business eventually.

Japanese AV Model Is A Streetwalking babety chick Natsumi Fukuyama

I was watching a photo shoot that this little gal was shooting in front of the hotel. She looked a little familiar so I stayed to see if I could figure out where I had seen her before. Once she bent over I remembered her ass! She used to be one of the girls from the hotel who would go off clubbing anf end up here because they could just go upstairs to whatever they were up to at that time.

Japanese AV Model Sucks on Plastic Peckers For A Goo Facial Natsumi Fukuyama

This Japanese model is a cute gal, I don??t understand her passion for plastic though. I have seen her in normal situations and she doesnt seem the type for a fetish, but I guess it takes all kinds. She has a nice body when she chooses to show it off. I know her from a photo shoot that was done here in the hotel. She came down here for her breaks and to rile up the guys with the outfits she was wearing and boy, did she ever get them going!

Hot Japanese AV Model Enjoys Showing Off Her Big Tits Natsumi Fukuyama

This Lovely Japanese model is happily showing off her big tits. This shot is on most desktops in the building next door because she is so hot. She has a few web sites and web cams too that are really gaining in popularity too. All this in just a few months since she was discovered being a bartender at the hotel! She used to come visit us and have a few drinks and lament about her boring job. Now we hardly ever see her!

Japanese AV Model Is Leashed And Given A Dildo To Play With Natsumi Fukuyama

This little Japanese model is a definite hottie. We watched her on the private channel and it was quite an act with bondage and dildos. She is so nice looking she can get whoever she wants to play with her. She likes the feeling of a collar around her neck and having someone else in control of her pussy. She used to be an errand girl for the office next door until she decided she was meant for better things.

Japanese Model Is All Tied Up And No Place To Go Natsumi Fukuyama

This lovely Asian babe was a worker at the deli down the street. We used to enjoy going in to see her and watching that nice set of tits bounce around as she made the sandwiches. She always had a smile and a smart comment to make that would get everyone laughing. She drew quite a crowd there and we sorely miss seeing her there but we are seeing more of her on screen!

Japanese Av Model Is Lovely And All Tied Up For Tit Torture Natsumi Fukuyama

Naughty Japanese Model is tied up and her titties exposed for some clothes pin clipping on her nipples. This gal has nipples of steel to get this little trick done to her! She is a gym teacher in her other life and quite pretty in her clothes as well as out. She has this private channel on cable for folks who enjoy the bondage scene and she frequently stars in lots of the action there. Quite a contrast to her day job!

Japanese AV Model Is Dressed As A Maid And Gets Fucked Natsumi Fukuyama

This hot Japanese model enjoys the escort business and the challenges that the job brings. It also pays quite well with the older guys. She owns and runs her business and several others like it she is partners in. She is in the hotel and the club a lot especially during the convention season. Then she and her gaggle of hot gals alot since it is a convienent stop.

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